The NOAA NMFS Right Whale Ship Strike Rules eliminating the Sunset provision have been approved and issued.


Right Whale Alert APP for iPad/iPhone


Report all Right Whale sightings in the Georgia area to

the US Coast Guard.


The final rule restricting vessel speed was posted on December, 2013. Go to the following NOAA website for the Final Rule, supporting NMFS justification and additional information :



Vessels 65 ft and longer in length must slow to 10 kts about 20 nm offshore in to the COLREGS demarcation line. Savannah is in the Mid-Atlantic Area. Brunswick is in the South Atlantic area. Savannah rules will apply from November 1 to April 30 and Brunswick rules are in effect November 15-April 15.


Click here for MSSB 44-14 Right Whale Ship Strike Rules 


Click here for MSSB 43-14 Whale South Reporting Requirements


Click here for NOAA Fisheries Service Compliance Guide


Click here for NMFS Vessel Speed Regulation Discussion


Click here for Speed Deviation Documentation Requirement



Click here for Southeast Region Data and Sightings


Click here for NOAA Brunswick Avoidance Routes (current conditions and water depths may not be accurately represented)


Click here for the South East Right Whale Guide and for the South East


                  Region support information at


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                   Implementation Team

Right Whale Ship Strike


Speed Restrictions will start on

November 1, 2016



Speed Restrictions will Start on

November 15, 2016


WhaleSouth reporting

required on Nov 15, 2016


April 15, 2017

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