USCG Safety and Security Information

USCG Notes and USCG MSU Savannah MSSBs:

 MSA 01-16 GPS Signals

 MSA 13-15 Ultra Low Sulfur Fuel Update

 MSA 12-15 Dockside Safety

 MSA 2-15 Ultra Low Sulfur Fuel Oil and Compliance with MARPOL Requirement

 MSIB 09-16 Verified Container Weight Information

 MSIB 02-16 Condition of Entry for Vessels Returning From Cuba

 MSIB 03-16 Container Weight Verification

 MSIB 01a-16 Zika Virus Precautions

 MSIB 01b-16 Zika Virus Update

 MSIB 01-16 Civil Enforcement of TWIC Violations

 MSIB 06-15 Vessel Confined Space Inspection

 MSIB 18-14 Uninspected Fishing Vessels

 MSIB 17-14 Ebola Virus Precautions Update Change 1

 MSIB 17-14 Ebola Virus Precautions Update

 MSA 15-14 Accidental Release of CO2 System

 MSIB 01-14 Marijuana Use Policy and Testing


 MSSB 19-16 Houlihan Bridge Operations

 MSSB 18-16 Brunswick Dredging

 MSSB 17-16 SHEP Dredging

 MSSB 16 -16 Houlihan Bridge Repairs

 MSSB 15-16 Augusta Southern Nationals

 MSSB 14-16 Tybee Island 4th of July Fireworks

 MSSB 13-16 Hutchinson Island 4th of July Fireworks

 MSSB 12-16 Jekyll Island 4th of July fireworks

 MSSB 11-16 SYC 3rd of July fireworks

 MSSB 10-16 SYC PHRF Fleet WIC Sailing Series

 MSSB 09-16 Hurricane PORTCON IV

 MSSB 08-16 St Simons Island 4th of July fireworks

 MSSB 07-16 SYC Laser D-12 Championship

 MSSB 06-16 Savannah River USACE Diving

 MSSB 05-16 Brunswick Dredging 2016 04 21

 MSSB 04-16 SYC Regatta 2016 05013-14

 MSSB 03-16 Wilmington River Blessing of the Fleet

 MSSB 02-16 SHEP Dredge_2

 MSSB 01-16 Full Scale Exercise Brunswick 2016 02 02

 MSSB 28-15 Savannah River SHEP Dredging

 MSSB 27-15 CSX Bascule Lift Bridge Repair 2015 11 13

 MSSB 23-15 SHEP Dredging 2015 09 07

 MSSB 14-15 Houlihan Bridge Repairs

 MSSB 13-15 PORTCON IV 2015 06 01


 MSSB 44-14 Right Whale Ship Strike Rule

 MSSB 43-14 WhaleSouth Mandatory Ship Reporting

 MSSB 39-14 Port Awareness and Vigilance

 MSSB 30-14 ESCAPADE Safety Zone

 MSSB 22-14 Port Security for Savannah and Brunswick

 MSSB 17-14 Cyber Security

 MSSB 14-14 Research Stations Altamaha Channel, Doboy Sound, and Sapelo Sound

 MSSB 14-14 Underwater Equipment

 MSSB 08-14 Nautical Chart Distribution and Printing

 MSSB 61-13 Mooring Challenges

 MSSB 54-13 Maritime Security Award Application

 MSSB 41-13 Jones Oysterbed Operations

 MSSB 25-13 MSU Savannah Phones

 MSSB 45-12 Advance Notice of Oil-HazMat Transfer

 MSSB 43-11 Gangway Access Control on Foreign Vessels

 MSSB 20-10 Advance Notice of Oil/Hazmat Transfers

 Temporary Moving Security Zones - LNG and Navy


USCG Advisories:

 USCG Safety Alert 07-11 Moving Machinery.

 MSIB 50-11 TWIC Card Version 2.0

 MSIB 48-11 Passenger Weight and Stability Requirements

 Survival Craft Rules November 2010

 MSIB 09-11 Tank Vessel Salvage/Marine Firefighting/CAPS

 MSIB 02-10 Firefighting & Salvage in Vessel Response Plans

 MSA 09-10 Personal Flotation Devices

 MSA 01-10 Distracted Operations

 PSA 10-9a Anti-Piracy Activities

 PSA 10-09 Countries with Ineffective Anti-Terrorism

 USCG Alert 02-09 Compact Fluorescent Warning for pilot

house illumination.

 PSA 04-09b Firearms on Vessels

 Email Submission of Mariner Credentials


Georgia Ports Authority Guide for GPA Facilities:

  Georgia Ports Escort and Security Guide

  Georgia Ports TWIC/Escort notice March 2010





Savannah Maritime Association

Savannah Maritime Community


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Right Whale Ship Strike

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Transportation Worker Identity Credentials are required at MTSA Facilities in the Ports of Savannah and Brunswick.

The TWIC Enrollment Center is at:

1481 Dean Forest Rd, Building 200, Suite C, Savannah, GA 31405.

Click HERE for Port of Savannah information. Here is the TWIC Website.

The TWIC Help Desk is: 1‐866‐347‐8942


USCG Proposal for voluntary use of TWIC Card readers


TWIC 11-15 MMC for non-TWIC holders


TWIC/MTSA Policy Advisory Council Issues:

 TWIC PAC 01-11 Voluntary Use of TWIC Readers

 TWIC PAC 01-07 Local Law Enforcement

 TWIC PAC 01-08 Redefine Secure Areas

 TWIC PAC 02-08 Federal and LE Access and Escort

 TWIC PAC 04-08 Railroad Police Officers

 TWIC PAC 05-08 Rail Access

 TWIC PAC 08-08 Emergency Responders

 TWIC PAC 09-08 Bulk Grain, Oil Seed and Edible Oil Secure Areas

 TWIC PAC 02-09 TWIC Escort Training

 TWIC PAC 08-09a Incorporating TWIC into Existing Systems

 TWIC PAC 03c-09 Access while awaiting TWIC Replacement