Savannah Maritime Association

            A Maritime Partnership

The SMA Partnership:

    The Savannah Maritime Association is a partnership of maritime-related companies dedicated to the safety and development of our port.

SMA Participation:

     The Savannah Maritime Association works for the common benefit of all participants in Georgia’s Ports, Federal, State, City, Commercial and

      Community organizations. SMA identifies and achieves common goals and objectives for the Maritime Community. SMA meetings are an

      open forum to discuss and resolve Maritime Community issues. Members share their views and work towards the common good of the port.

SMA Activities:

     The Savannah Maritime Association is headquartered in downtown Savannah, is planning to move the office and conducts regular monthly       meetings for members. SMA coordinates Savannah Spill Response Corporation activities, monitors proposed rate increases by area service providers and acts as a clearing house for maritime information, data and employment.




Next SMA Meeting -

SMA’s next monthly meeting will be at 11 AM, Wednesday, September 21, 2016, at the C&BP Facility, 139 Southern Blvd, Savannah, GA. Monthly summaries will be emailed to members in June, July and August.


Navy League -

The next Navy League meeting is the Coast Guard Team Savannah-Savannah Bananas game on July 27, 2016. Check the Savannah Website for details.


Maritime After Hours - August 3, 2016, Tubby’s Tank House. (No activity in July)


Propeller Club -

The Propeller Club’s State of the Port luncheon is scheduled for September 15, 2016, at the Savannah International Trade and Convention Center.



Savannah Harbor Expansion Project

The Project has been approved by the Federal Government and work has started. The USACE Savannah District website is SHEP.


FY 2016 Port Security Grants

Grant Notice and Program Information



Savannah Maritime Facebook Page


Issues and Information-

· USCG Port State Control 2015 Annual Report

· USCG STCW Mariner Changes 2017

· OSHA Maritime Inspections 2016

· NMFS South Atlantic Fishing Regulations 2016

· MSU Savannah Dead Ship Tow Request Form  2015

· Federal Maritime Commission Port Congestion Report 2015

· MSU Savannah Vessel Agent Handbook 2014

· US Coast Guard NVICs implementing the final STCW Rules.

· USDA has issued Asian Gypsy Moth facts and requirements. A Pipeline is also posted at C&BP Savannah Pipelines

· The Maritime Logistics Education TaskForce is at

· The Administration has issued the National Domain Awareness Plan and the  National Ocean Policy Implementation Plan

· EPA has issued Vessel General Permit requirements and a Fact Sheet for discharges from vessels 79 ft and over and new regulations for vessels below 79 ft, effective December 2013.


US Coast Guard Ballast Water Discharge FAQs.

US Coast Guard Vessel Emissions Control Compliance and Job Aid.


C&BP has issued a notification of new, revised FORM CBPF 7501 Instructions.


US Coast Guard Inflatable Personal Flotation Device Regulations.


US Coast Guard issues new criteria for undocumented vessel Standard Numbering System and Boating Accident Reports.


MSSB 43-11 Gangway Access Control on Foreign Vessels


USCG MSU Savannah Area 2011 Contingency Plan is available HERE.


C&BP Small Vessel Reporting System Notice, May 24, 2011.


DHS National Terrorism Advisory System Guide , April 20, 2011.


USCG Savannah Port and Waterway Safety Assessment (PAWSA Workshop) August 2010.


News and Links -

- US Coast Guard issues STCW Final Rule information.

- USCG MSA 03-13b Surge Protection

- USCG Safety Alert 07-11 Moving Machinery.

- MSIB 50-11 TWIC card Version 2.0

- MSIB 48-11 Passenger Weight and Stability Requirements

- COTP Savannah MSIB 01-11 Port Information and Awareness

- TWIC PAC 01-11 Voluntary Use of TWIC Readers

- USCG Tank Vessel Salvage-Marine Firefighting requirements

              NVIC 2-10 effective Feb 2011.

- USCG Notice of Arrival for Certain Dangerous Cargo final rule.

- MARAD’s America’s Marine Highway Program Final Rule.

- NOAA ECDIS Display issue Website and Notice.

- OSHA’s Revised Personal Protective Equipment standards.

- OSHA Rule limits vertical tandem lifts to two containers.

- OSHA SPUD Barge Safety  and Deck Barge Safety guidance.


DHS/USCG Small Vessel Security Strategy is posted HERE and the Implementation Plan is HERE.


Navigation -

- USACE Savannah River July 2016 BarChart, Inner Chart , Report

- USACE Brunswick  June 2016 Chart and Report

- USCG NVIC 01-16 vessel Use of Electronic Charts

- Right Whale Alert APP for iPad/iPhone.

- NOAA Electronic Nautical Charts

- NOAA Electronic Nautical Chart Changes & LNM

- NOAA Nautical Booklet Charts free downloads.

- Gray’s Reef Restricted Area Effective December 4, 2011 Area Sketch

- NOAA Hurricane Response in District 7  2011

- NOAA Extreme Weather Information Sheet Georgia 2011

- USCG D7 Local Notices to Mariners

- Port of Savannah Under Keel Clearance criteria

- USCG Inland and International Navigation Rules (Oct 2009)


- NOAA provides free viewing of electronic charts at their websites:


- NOAA Marine Protected Areas interactive mapping tool


- MACOSH -Maritime Advisory Committee for Occupational Health and Safety




C&BP Savannah


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